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At the Space Weather Center of Tel Aviv University (TAU), we are focused on using solar data, in situ spacecraft data and geophysical data to better understand complex solar-terrestrial couplings. The Center has been founded on the initiative of Prof. Colin Price with help of Dr. Olga Khabarova. Studying the effects of solar activity variability on the Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere, we analyze links between phenomena observed at the Sun, propagation of streams and flows of various origins through the interplanetary medium, acceleration and propagation of energetic particles and cosmic rays to understand a resulting picture of space weather affecting technology, infrastructure and humans.  We also work to develop predictive models to better prepare for extreme space weather events. Our Center controls the current situation in space and gives warnings regarding possible negative space weather effects.  

   The Space Weather Center provides lectures and seminars and involves TAU students into its scientific activities. We help the students carry out their research projects under supervision of Prof. Colin Price and Dr. Olga Khabarova. The Space Weather Center works in active collaboration with other leading Israeli and international universities and institutes.

   On our website, you can find information on the current state of solar activity and global geomagnetic activity, the solar wind data, the ionospheric and atmospheric data as well as local data from the Mount Hermon Cosmic Ray and Space Weather Observatory.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or collaboration suggestions, please contact Dr. Olga Khabarova


fax: +972-3-6409282

Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Kaplun building.

Tel-Aviv University , P.O.B 39040, Ramat Aviv,  6139001, Tel Aviv 69978

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